Research Methods Teaching


SOC 606: Quantitative Methods

This is a graduate course on quantitative methodology and research design for the social sciences. The emphasis will be on learning to design and implement quantitative social research methods and making important research design decisions. This will not be a data analysis class, although we will do some basic data analysis during labs in order to illustrate some of the principles discussed in terms of research design.

SOC 800: Mixed Methods

In this seminar we will delve into the epistemology of social science research, important judgment calls when conducting mixed methods research, and strategies for mixed methods research design. The seminar will combine three kinds of texts: 1) philosophies and theories of social science research that addresses mixed research methods, 2) pragmatic guidelines for research decisions in mixed methods research (e.g. sampling, research design), and 3) exemplars of mixed methods social research. Students will be working throughout the semester to develop their own research proposals for thesis and dissertation research, and we will have several opportunities to workshop various proposal ideas and decisions.

SOC 318: Introduction to Social Research

Sound research methods provide the basis for inquiry and discovery that moves social science from the realm of opinions and into the realm of data, evidence, and theory. This course is designed to introduce students to the logic and skills of social scientific research and particularly to quantitative research methods and skills. This course will introduce the research process and the skills necessary to conduct quantitative social research. These skills are necessary to conduct novel research and will help you in both undergraduate and graduate research projects as well as many careers such as marketing, education, or program evaluation. A strong understanding of research methods will also help students fully understand and engage with others’ research. In this course you will be introduced to a wide range of sociological methods such as survey research, experiments, and analysis of existing data sets.